Euronovate Group announces the appointment of Fabio Di Pietro as Group CEO.

Lugano, November 11 2021 – Euronovate Group, International company founded in 2012 specialized in Trust Solutions for the creation and management of Digital Identities, Electronic and Digital Signature and Certification Authority, is pleased to announce the appointment of Fabio di Pietro as the new CEO of the Group.

Di Pietro, born in 1981, as GROUP CEO, will have authority over every company of the group, with the aim of developing and delivering new and integrated solutions in the Trust Services, Digital Signature, Digital Transformation areas. Di Pietro will retain the position of CFO and will continue dealing with the management and general planning of the Group’s financial activities.

Thanks to this appointment, Euronovate Group accelerates its transformation and consolidation into a global solution provider, which will lead to important innovations in the coming months, with the inauguration of new technology hubs and collaborations with universities and research centers.

I am happy with this appointment and I thank the Board of Directors of Euronovate Group for the renewed confidence in my work” – commented Di Pietro. “For our Group a new ‘era’ is opening up and I am sure that my colleagues will efficiently support me, so that the Group could go in the right direction and reach our main goal: helping every type of company becoming fully digital“.

Di Pietro boasts over 15 years experience in scalability and extraordinary operations in digital businesses collaborated with several multinational realities with responsibilities in and outside Europe in the past. Euronovate Group develops products and methodologies that allow customers implementing simple, advanced, qualified signature solutions, complying with internal processes and legal regulations linked to the individual context. The proposed end-to-end solution combines the proprietary software platform with dedicated hardware elements, the unique double-touch pad on the global market having NFC functionality. Euronovate Group, being also a Certification Authority EIDAS compliant, provides strategic advices to governments and institutions on national digitization regulations, digital signature and the creation of government Certification Authorities.

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