Euronovate Group announces wSign, the innovative user friendly Digital Signature Platform

The revolutionary technology of wSign will be presented online on Tuesday 21 June during a online webinar: The Next Signature Milestone

Milan, 26th May 2022 – Euronovate Group, a leading provider of software, hardware, and services for the digital transformation of companies, is pleased to announce wSign, the user-friendly digital signature platform that allows you to easily, quickly and securely sign documents on any device, wherever you are.

wSign is a modern and innovative digital signature platform that simplifies and coordinates signature operations and workflows through an intuitive solution, with total protection of the user’s identity and data, allowing signing from anywhere and on any device with legal validity, eIDAS compliant.

Andrea PironeChief Revenue Officer of Euronovate Group stated: “wSign is the SaaS solution that allows you to accelerate internal and external company signature processes, managing the workflow in an intuitive way, between different signatories and ensuring maximum security and data protection. The results are the improvement of the business performance and a considerable saving of time, paper and archive space. “

Carlo Di GiulioProduct Owner of wSign stated: “Through 4 simple steps, wSign e-signature platform allows you to sign online, obtaining a document with full legal validity and maximum protection. Furthermore, the quick and easy signing process provided by wSign increases the effectiveness of any company as over 85% of agreements are completed in less than 24 hours and 48% in less than 15 minutes. “

Other benefits offered by wSign:

– it is sustainable: the digital process eliminates all paper-related costs for documents;

– it is compliant: it allows document approvals with different levels of security depending on legal requirements, complies with the European eIDAS regulation, automates and customizes workflows according to different needs

– it’s usable: the signing process is completed by users in a simple and fast way, avoiding unnecessary clicks and saving time

– it is safe: thanks to the high traceability of processes, signature operations can be monitored and used as legal evidence, providing a more secure audit framework and avoiding the risks associated with traditional paper-based processes.

Carlo Di Giulio will present the new solution, describing all the possible applications and future opportunities, during the free webinar The Next Signature Milestone, which will be held online on Tuesday 21st June at 10.00h (session in Italian) and at 17.00h (session in English).

To sign up for the Italian session: or the English one:

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