Banktech Conference

Euronovate Group at Banktech Conference

Last Tuesday, 18th October, the Banktech Conference took place in Athens.

At its 5th edition, Banktech recalls Fintech professionals to enlighten the industry’s urgent and mid-term transformation needs, shaping strategies and providing powerful insights on emerging banking trends to guide banking institutions’ transformation towards the future.

Banktech drew over 400 onsite and remote participants and more than 200 Companies and Organizations from all southeastern Europe states.

Euronovate Group representatives, composed of Andrea Pirone, Chief of Revenue Officer, and Andrea Fattovich, Pre-Sales Specialist, flew to Athens to participate in this prestigious event. 

Pirone actively participated in a roundtable discussion with three professional experts from leading international companies in the digital transformation and innovation sector.
The session “Future Leading Banks go paperless: eSignature and Beyond” had the purpose of investigating how e-signatures solutions are transforming banking activities and processes.
The talk enlightened the fact that electronic signatures are helping financial institutions’ towards the adaptation to rapidly changing customer expectations, also integrating a streamlined agreement process that will minimise time and errors.

“Having the opportunity of sharing ideas and visions with estimated professionals had been great and inspiring and helped us to shape and develop new ways of thinking about the e-signature and digital solutions’ framework for banking institutions. 

This exchange also confirmed us as real experts and “evangelists” for the businesses’ digital transformation journey.” Pirone stated.  

Hosted in the Samsung booth, the team had the opportunity of showing, through live demos, Euronovate Group’s Solutions for the Financial sector, drawing great interest from the attendees who explored all their potential and applications.

The event’s outcome was really positive and proficient, and Euronovate Group can’t wait for Banktech Conference 2023!

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