Euronovate Group for the digitization

Euronovate Group for the digitization of the ASL Avellino vaccination campaign

Milano, February 23, 2022 – Euronovate Group, confirms its commitment to corporate digitization and in collaboration with Nabacom, has redesigned the digitization processes of some companies in the healthcare sector such as ASL Avellino.

Following the dissemination of the vaccination campaign, Euronovate Group considerably contributed to the digitization of this process at the ASL Avellino by providing the electronic signature form performed on the ENSIGN 11 graphometric tablet using the ENSmartSign software, within the GEVO project by Nabacom.

This solution allows for the coordinated and digitized administration of the entire vaccination process: from booking on the portal, to signing the consent documents for privacy and the medical history form. At the vaccination hub, the patient, doctor and nurse fill in and sign directly on the ENSIGN 11 tablet, without the need to resort to printed paper.

The solution has also been implemented for home vaccinations, in subjects unable to go to the hubs, thanks to Windows tablet PCs on which it is possible to fill in and sign the documents in pdf format downloaded from the regional portal.

Il progetto GEVO, combinando le tecnologie di Euronovate Group, ha consentito di velocizzare The GEVO project, by combining the technologies of the Euronovate Group, has made it possible to significantly speed up the entire vaccination process, reducing waiting times for patients and also improving interoperability with the Sinfonia regional portal, keeping documents in digital format for conservation in accordance with the law, downstream of the compilation and signature process.

The procedure optimization has significantly reduced the use of dedicated staff in the vaccination hubs, while ensuring greater protection of patients’ personal data without compromising the user’s signature experience: the graphometric signature is in fact very similar to the handwritten one, therefore also suitable for subjects who do not always have devices at hand to receive passwords via SMS or email.

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