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Original Article Published on Aziende24 on March 28, 2023

Euronovate Group is an international company providing businesses with tools for document dematerialization, adopting an end-to-end approach and ensuring compliance with national and European regulations.

The business model is based on 3 main pillars such as: Trust, Integration, Consulting services.

Euronovate products are made through a design thinking approach to empathize, define, conceive, prototype and test the implementation of solutions in customer environments, with a constant improvement process based on needs and process optimization.

The strong focus on customers positions Euronovate not only as a solution provider, but above all as a digital consultant.

Euronovate & InSupport, a strong combination.

The partnership with InSupport stems from Euronovate Group’s need to rely on a well-structured Italian company, distributed throughout the country, well experienced in installation, maintenance, support and management of ICT systems.

As a Platinum Partner, Insupport is responsible for reselling Euronovate’s hardware and software products and services.

InSupport high level technical competence allowed Euronovate to organize a Workshop at the offices in Naples in February.

During the three days of full immersion, InSupport and several representatives of the Crisalide Group Competence Center were able to familiarize with the different products. The participants were involved in a technical deep dive and a purely commercial overview, in order to provide the necessary tools for a synergistic collaboration.

The first phase saw the presentation and technical analysis of solutions with product overview. 

Another important aspect was the analysis of the support flow, for which a new joint model has been created thanks to InSupport’s experience. 

In the second phase, focus points have been market dynamics, electronic signature and onboarding solutions use cases, and associated benefits.

Each session then had an in-depth exploration for specific industries, such as banking and insurance, healthcare, public administration, retail, and hospitality.

The training also highlighted a common strength shared by the parties: the green philosophy, which represents not only an ethical and responsible choice but also a competitive advantage capable of generating value for businesses and society in the long term.

Thanks to their professionalism and seriousness, Euronovate and InSupport proudly confirm their commitment to continue a long collaboration path.

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