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 Euronovate new member of Swiss Made Software

Euronovate Group’s strong commitment to thinking, developing and providing companies with the best products and services for their business improvement, is lately being recognized and formalized by several entities and organizations. 

Last Euronovate accomplishment in acquiring the Swiss Made Software label, another proof of the company’s relevance also within the Swiss borders. 

The label is dedicated to promoting the Swiss software industry, nationally and abroad, listing more than 980 companies since 2007. 
It expresses values such as quality, reliability, and precision especially in software development, giving affiliate businesses a unique added value by being the recognized symbol for Swiss quality in software development. 

Euronovate is present on the platform with three of his star products:

  • wSign: the e-Signature Platform
    wSign streamlines, and coordinates signature operations and workflows, through an intuitive solution with total protection of the user’s identity and data, allowing the signature from anywhere and any device with legal validity as is eIDAS compliant.
  • ENID: Identity Verification Platform
    ENID is Euronovate’s one-stop identification platform,complying with remote identification, KYC and AML regulatory requirements at a European and national level.
    Available in multiple devices such as desktop or mobile, it allows a quick user registration and a following digital identity creation, improving the onboarding experience and reducing abandonment rates.
  • ENSOFT: e-Signature Software for Biometric Signature
    ENSoft is a desktop application that enables companies to manage the user experience of the signature process on signature pads that are able to retrieve the biometric data of the customer’s signature.
    The solution is developed with a modular pattern based on plugins, providing the possibility to customize and configure the application to cover different business needs.

This represents another important step towards spreading brand awareness, both at home and abroad, opening up new possibilities and being essential for future successes.

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