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Digital Administration & Blended Learning

Educational Institutions enlight the necessity of offering new teaching and learning modalities, adding to the traditional classroom a brand new educational experience, combining face-to-face learning (with teachers in a classroom) and online education (lessons over the Internet or on other digital formats), generating blended learning.

Another top priority for this industry is the smoothening and streamlining of the administrative processes for students’ enrolment and for the whole documentation necessary in education, with an organized, fast and secure registration, identification and signing, cutting off costs and resources.


Euronovate Group's Solutions for:

Technology made it possible to develop and improve an innovative, more engaging and functional way of learning and teaching, adopting digital tools which push this transformation. Euronovate Group’s plays an active role in this transformation with its devices, bringing several benefits to both teachers, students and school institutions:
School administration offices are often overloaded with thousands of documentation every day to be signed or validated. Euronovate Group’s solutions facilitate all the education procedures and paperworks such as student enrolment, scholarship or internship applications, requests for academic degree and records, payments of fees with complete platforms for digital identification and signing. Such processes agilize the overall school institution infrastructure by:

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