Maximizing Medical Record Management



Handling Patient Information Securely

The Healthcare sector needs to digitalize its system and document workflows, to offer a more integrated, digital and fast experience for both patients and caregivers.
While keeping a familiar environment and protecting sensitive information, digital Solutions allow the collection and registration of the patient’s record in one integrated platform, added to the digitally signing of clinical documentation (informed consent, anamnesis form, etc.) in the health institution or remotely.


Data protection is a crucial aspect for the healthcare industry, who has to secure all the sensitive information and clinical records about patients’ efficiently, guaranteeing privacy. With a digital onboarding and registration process, people access and update their personal health data in a safe, fast and practical way and proof their identity online, with an omnichannel and integrated experience. Euronovate Group’s Solution for the Identity Verification in the Healthcare Industry support your institution through:

The treatment of the patients’ sensitive information requires a high level of data protection and an integrated and secure system to store them.

Digital signatures are the most efficient tools that are aligned with those security standards, being an effective way of approving and signing documents digitally, remotely or at the healthcare institution, complying fully with the legal requirements.

Discover how the different types of digital signatures can empower patients:

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Improve patient management.
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