The potential of integration: Why choose end-to-end solutions?

Software integration represents one of Business Digital Transformation’s main tools, applicable to streamline ordinary business processes. Integrating systems within a company consist of linking various IT components, services, or software into one functional system, connecting data and functionalities in a unique workflow to reduce complexity and streamline the business environment. In today’s digital landscape, a company dealing with several IT systems, software applications are at the order of the day. Separately, managing all these processes could be confusing, worthless, and waste the company resources in terms of costs, time, and effort. That is why integrating different systems into one is an advantageous solution. 

In addition to cost savings and workflow automation, software integration is proper to enhance security. It is easier to set risk management in a unique procedure than doing it separately in a cumbersome manner. An integration solution allows leveraging secure protocols, encryption, and layers in extra security tools efficiently, by reinforcing data protection. A feature of software integration is its end-to-end nature, enabling you to monitor the entire life cycle of data managed. 

What is an end-to-end solution?

An end-to-end solution (E2ES) is a service delivered by a company to a client as a whole through an end-to-end approach. It means that a company takes care of the customer journey from the beginning of the project (strategic phase), during (operative phase) with software installation, integration, setup, until the end (support phase) when a company assists the client by providing them consultations and help if required.

In the case of software, an end-to-end solution refers to a system that gathers all of your business processes in a unique centralized hub. To give an example, for retailers, wholesalers or online traders, an end-to-end software usually embedded tools for managing e-Commerce, order processing, stock control, warehouse management, and accounts, all in one. A good end-to-end solution, will provide customers with all software components by managing related  installation, integration, and maintenance to ensure efficient work in the whole lifecycle.

Which are the main end-to-end solution advantages?

  • Increase efficiency and productivity:

Integrating various components within an entire system, becomes consequently efficient as the whole procedure is streamlined, automatized in a unique workflow, with no need to involve middle or third parties.

  • Resources optimization: 

If you manage multiple software in a unique solution through one provider, all single costs, efforts, and services (renewal, support, ongoing license) are reduced and managed just by one organization, being less expensive.

  • Ease of learning:

When one provider handles a system, developers can learn easily and perform updates quickly. If various providers manage different tasks,  the entire process would be cumbersome, confusing, and slow. 

  • Speed up resolutions:

The advantage of working with E2ES is that if a problem occurs   suddenly, it is easier to determine the source of the issue  in one place and fix it in a short time, which wouldn’t be possible with disconnected systems.

  • Transparency: 

As data is shared across all departments, it’s easier to collect detailed information about a specific performance and pinpoint what needs to be improved.

How Euronovate can help Business Integration

At Euronovate, we lead businesses in their digital transformation and Software Integration process from A to Z. We listen, advise and support our customers by providing them with end-to-end solutions. According to the international agreement with IT players for this service and integration of Tablet and Digital Signature software, we can provide this service and integrate software to existing business architecture to meet the customer need. With our integration service, we are committed to helping customers succeed in a long-term strategy that includes solving business challenges, accelerating business innovation, and creating opportunities to drive high performance.

Through the technical blueprint (the reproduction of a technical or engineering drawing on light-sensitive sheets),  we provide the integration of the following softwares:

  • Legal & Security Software
  • Channel management software (e-mail, internet banking)
  • Legacy management (Current account, teller application, register system, checks…)
  • Infrastructure evolution support
  • Integration Tablet and customer application system

If you want to find out more about our business software integration, please contact us to arrange a demo or ask for more information. Connect with us on Linkedin and Twitter. Follow us!

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